Owner-Builder Insurance

Owner-Builder insurance is one of the most important requirements when embarking upon your project. Sadly, in the rush to get their licence, many owner-builders will fail to take out the proper cover for the life of their project, thinking that their standard home insurance will cover them should anything go wrong.

ABSOLUTE Education is proud to be partnered with Alrisk as their primary insurer for owner-builders in Australia. You can receive an instant quote in seconds. Just fill out the simple form below. You can then select to have the quote emailed to you.

These insurance quotes include prices which are exclusive to ABSOLUTE Education clients, and are provided by Coverforce Allrisk Pty Ltd (CAR:001244500), authorised representative of Coverforce Partners Pty Ltd (AFSL 245377).

As a builder you will generally be held responsible for damage caused to anyone else's property and even more importantly, for any injury caused to a third party.

Serious or even permanent injuries can occur on even the smallest projects.

In addition to the essential Public Liability cover, your Owner-Builder insurance also covers material loss & damage.

So you’re covered for the new building / structures right up until completion, along with the building materials. If your project is a renovation / alteration you will also have the option to insure existing structures.

When considering how much to insure your project for, you need to insure for enough to have a professional builder complete the work on the insurer's behalf.

In other words, you are insuring the ‘replacement value’, not your expected cost.

The project has commenced as soon as you have done any work on the site related to the approved works, including site preparation work.

While your material risk at this early stage is minimal, your public liability risk is substantial.

Cover should be in place before this work begins.

Price Guarantee
We always start by choosing the policy we feel provides you with excellent insurance cover. Then we set our prices with an aim to always be the most competitive available in the market. We're so confident that we've achieved that, that if you can find a cheaper quote on similar cover we'll beat their price by $50. Start your cover with Allrisk with confidence! *

* even if you find a cheaper price up to 30 days after you start your policy with us, we’ll refund the difference to give you this special deal.

Many policies include a condition that all sub-contractors must hold their own public liability insurance. Our policy not only does not have that condition, but we also go a step further by including sub-contractors in the definition of 'insured', extending the cover even further.

Transit Cover
Many policies exclude cover for materials in transit. Our policy includes cover for materials in transit up to $10,000 any one conveyance.

Materials Stored Off-Site
Most policies have an option to (at additional cost) add this cover. Our policy however includes it automatically for up to $10,000 for up to 90 days.

Flexibility to extend cover
Don't get locked into a policy without knowing what happens after the first year. Owner Builder projects often go beyond the first year, and some insurers may not agree to extend the policy. Where they do agree you will often be offered cover only in a six-month block, after which cover may then be lapsed without options to extend. Our policy can be extended on a pro-rata basis (you only pay for what time you need) after the first 12 months, for a total period of up to 3 years.

Vibration, Removal, or Weakening of Supports
Many policies either exclude this cover entirely, or in some cases include cover only to a lower sub-limited value. Our policy does not exclude or sub-limit claims specifically for Vibration, Removal, or Weakening of Supports.

Additional Allowances
Our policy includes allowances for cover above and beyond your nominated sum insured, for contingencies like : Professional Fees, Variations and Escalations, Removal of Debris, Expediting Costs, and Mitigating Costs. Don't get caught short.