Course Checklist

If you are still waiting for your certificate, it is probably because we do not have all your paperwork complete.

Please ensure you have a green tick for each of the items below.

If you have all green ticks below but still haven't received your certificate, then please give us a call. We probably have your incorrect email and/or postal address.

Please login, to see which of the following items is outstanding.


NSW Owner Builder Course

I want to complete the owner-builder course

You either complete (2a and 2b and 2c) OR (3 if you already have a white-card).


Online White Card Course

I want to complete the white-card course


Statutory Declaration (Witness Statement Form)

You must print and complete the Statutory Declaration (Witness Statement Form) and either email, fax or post it back to us before we can assess both your white-card and owner-builder courses.

Download Statutory Declaration (Witness Statement Form)


Audio Visual Recording

To complete the white card course, you will need a PPE kit (hard hat, safety glasses, high visibility clothing and ear plugs/muffs) and a webcam or smart phone with video capability. If you do not have access to the required PPE kit, we can send them to you.

We need to match the face in the video with the name on the ID that you supply us.

You will also need to provide an audio/video recording of yourself answering a standard set of questions.

These questions will come attached to the Statutory Declaration once you finish the online course.

Call 0418 181 815 through FACETIME (Iphone) or download one of the following APPs (SKYPE / VIBER / WHATSAPP), and answer these questions. These apps are free to download.

Alternatively, if it is convenient and close, you can come to our office and use our PPE gear and record your audio-assessment with an assessor face-to-face. Our office is locataed in Dee Why, NSW.

To send the files you have several options:
* Upload the files using the upload feature on this page.(only files under 3MB please)
* Email us at email
* Text or WhatsAPP Peter on 0418181815
* Upload to the MSOneDrive, iCloud, DropBox, WeTransfer etc and then send us the link to download.


PPE Gear:

Audio Recording:

Download Audio Assessment Questions


Copy of existing White-Card

We need a copy of your white card along with a copy of your Photgraphic ID (driver's licence, passport, etc).

The Address to send the certified documents to is either one of:
  1. EMAIL:
  2. FAX: 02 6526 2172
  3. POST: PO Box 4306, North Curl Curl, NSW, 2099
  4. TEXT: 04 181818 15 (peter)
  5. UPLOAD: Once you are logged in, you will be able to click on the "Choose file" button and upload your file(s) directly to us.


Learner Engagement Survey

As part of our on-going Quality Training and continuous improvement, all students who complete a nationally accredited course must complete the learner engagement survey.

The survey is completely anonymous and includes a standard set of 30 questions which are submitted to our regulating body each year.

It's purpose is to improve the training we deliver to our students and only takes 2-3 minutes to complete.


Unique Student Identifier (USI)

In order for ABSOLUTE Education to issue our students with a national accreditation (certificate), we must by law verify your identity and place this 10 digit USI on your certificate.

A USI is effectively an account or reference number made up of 10 numbers and letters which looks like AB45H9856K. The USI will allow all of an individual’s training records, entered in the national vocational education and training (VET) data collection, to be linked and is valid for life.

How do I get a USI?
If you do not have a USI, you can request ABSOLUTE Education to apply for one on your behalf.

I already have a USI?
Enter your USI and we will verify your identity.


Pay for your course(s)

Once you successfully finish the course, all we need now is payment.

You can pay by:
  1. ONLINE-SECURE: Login, click on "Pay for your course" and enter your credit card details;
  2. DIRECT-DEPOSIT: Either via your web-banking or go into any Commonwealth Bank and pay over the counter;
  3. CHEQUE/MONEY-ORDER: Post us a cheque or money-order.
You need to be logged in to pay online. You will see a big "Pay for your course" sign on the home page. Or you can come back here and click on the link once you are logged in.


Print your certificate(s)

Once you have green ticks in all the steps above, there will be a link here for each of the courses that you have completed which will allow you to print your certificate directly.

We will also EMAIL and POST you a copy of your certificate once you have completed the course.